#10 things about me…😝

Hi, this is me Priya and today I am here with another post (and I am only doing this because I am trying to do as many posts as I can before we leave😭 #devastating!) Well, anyway, as I was saying, I am here with another post and this time it is basically just some random things about me. So, let’s begin…      WARNING: this may be a bit boring for some…

1. My name is Priya  (obvs)                                                                                                                        

2. I am 11 years old  (I am so proud of myself 😂)                                                                                      

3. I am going to St. Mary’s high school  (I bet not everyone knew that!)                                                                                                                

4. My fav colour is black (but only if it’s sparkly black!)                                                                  

5. I DO have lots of friends ( just thought I’d mention that)                                                          

6.  I love to play sports!! (I play netball on Mondays).                                                                      

7. I have a little sis who is in y3 (she can get very annoying at times) (don’t tell her I said that!!)                          

8. My fav animal is a penguin🐧 (they are so cute!)                                                                          

9. I like sleeping and eating 😴+🍫=😃 (food is the best!)                                                                                                                    

10. I BELIEVE IN UNICORNS!! 🎉🎈😜 (I mean, who doesn’t!!)  

Well, that is the end of another post… I will hopefully be back with another one, but we’ll have to see.  Hope you enjoyed reading! ☺️😉                                                        

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Creativity (The savage👿)

Hi I’m back again with a post all about creativity.This term  Y5/6 will be studieinh The savage.The savage.Well he’s a boy with a human form but not humanly behaviour.He runs around wild with a a nice and an axe looking for some kind of mammal that he can snack on.Some of the things he  eats are:Rabits,rats,frogs and even humans!Chucking the bones into an abandoned pit chaft.The book tells the tale of a boy named Blue who’s dad has just past away and how he’s coping with his loss and the upset of being bullied.He decides to create ‘The savage’ which is of course a savage boy.He got so many feelings inside so writes the savage daily the express his emotions.He writes the story and it some how comes to life in the real world!I won’t give away to much though.

Theese are a the answers I answered to some questions about the savage.

Q-Is hopper (the bully) a villain?

A-Yes because he treats people in a way that is horrible but no because no as bully’s often bull as away to express there true troubles.

Q-Who is the savage?

A-The savage is someone is Blues imagination who is wild and has no family and is completely solitary.Iving on what he finds and eating flesh.

Q-Is the savage intelligent?

A-He is smart in the way that he killed animals and he remembers that Blue is good and hopper is bad.

Q-Why does Blue invent the savage?

A-Because he’s angry so he uses the savage as a way to get his feelings out.

Thank you for reading my post about creativity look out though as there might be some updates!



Hi it’s me Priya and SATS ARE OVER!! #happy! #yay! #woohoo! 😅 🎉

I guess it wasn’t that bad!  SATS I think was basically just like a normal assessment we do at the end of each term, but we just did it everyday for one week (apart from Friday of course). I honestly thought that the reading test was the hardest, but that’s just my opinion- what do you think?? And I think the grammar/spelling test was the easiest for some reason, what about you?? Now, one good thing about SATS is that you get sweets after every test. Yummy!! 🍬🍬

On the other hand, let’s talk about Friday… FUN!! I enjoyed the coming in, in non-uniform, watching a movie, playing rounders (even though it was freezing), the lunchtime coding party thing and anything else we did.

I hope I did well in SATS and I hope everyone else did too 😉 👍

Shine a light

We started of coming up to class and there was a lady we didn’t know standing with bamboo sticks!Is was a bit odd and confusing as we had know idea what we where doing until,I remembered Mr Cowen said there was going to be a lady coming it to help us make lanterns!She explained it was to comorate those who died in e Heaton mining disaster.We got paired if and then work began.I was paired with Nicole and we made a really big lantern.It did end up lopsided but at least it used to look good!A few weeks later it was the parade day we took our lanterns and walked form the spinney to Heaton park.Then there was a speech and a film about the miners and the aniversary.There was also in a guide hall drinks and snacks but bye that time it was time for me to go home!I had a great experience did you?Reply with your answer.


Scottish opera

The Scottish opera has been one of the most exciting days of my life.We started of knowing nothing and being a bit bored to performing in front of family enjoying ourselves so much!I had an amazing time performing partly by natur and partly because the songs make you feel happy in themselves.I wasn’t nervous to be honest as I’ve done many things similar to it before!I hope everyone enjoyed it as much a s I did!Send a comment saying what you enjoyed and why!

Anya 😀

.Shine a light lantern workshop.

The shine a light workshop was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. I made my lantern but it fell apart so I add to put it back together. The actual lantern event I attended with my Guide Unit and it was really good. It was a great experience to take part in. Even though my lantern broke I still enjoyed it so I think it was successful.

Dear Diarys,(entry by Chloe)

Hello it’s Anya here and I’m here share with you a story I wrote myself.But like Priyas story it will be done in parts hope you like it

Once upon a time there was a beautiful little girl called Gemm.Well actually she wasn’t that beautiful on the outside or on the inside!Infact she was once voted the uglyest girl in the school in 1998!Her hair was always crinkled and had terrible achy.Her glasses where broken right down the middle and held them together with pritt-stick.But she didn’t even need glasses?Like I said her personality was ugly aswell she treated people like dirt.She was a pencil of a girl but was a ruler inside.She wasn’t scared to tell her opinion and bullied everyone exempt her best friend George.He didn’t see the side of  Gemm only the shy gentle side.One day a girl called Chloe a large girl on the outside walked passed Gemm and sniggered at her face.She picked her up by her collar and threw her to the ground.Chloe’s eyes started watering and her face was scared and scratched.Gemm kicked and kicked and kicked at her foot then shouted “who looks ugly now.”Then walked off.

This is the entry of Chloe’s diary she wrote that day.

Dear diary,

Today was posibly on of the worse days of my life!A girl extremely skinny with a pair of broken glasses purching on her nose.Pipples overpowered face.Her teeth where black and her hands wher chapped.She punched me extremely hard and scratched down my cheek whilst pushing me to the ground.I cried!I never cried!I always thought I was to tough cry.Part of me feels guilty as all of that happend because I judged her on her ugly face.But the other part of me wants revenge the horrible little girl bullied me like I was a crumb on a plate!Ive already got some plans what I could do what I could say !Ok I need to get my ideas onto paper.So I’ll have to leave.goodbye.

Chloe X

Maia Walczak

i thought the day was very good and completely different to another school day because we did no lessons or boring math and English it was great.

I learnt how to express feelings in drawings with out any words so silent books.

I thought Maia had an amazing personality so was humble with her work, it was amazing I couldn’t believe she drew them I thought they were done with computers.

my favourite part was her coming in during the afternoon and getting to meet her and know her a bit better.

overall it was an amazing day and would definitely have her come in again.